Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random Bits

People will see this on Warseer or Bell of Lost Souls long before they see it here, but I'm excited so I'm posting it anyway - from GD France:

Also, there is a really lively debate on improving tournament play on Bell of Lost Souls. Some people are being really hostile to Mkerr and he's responding with never ending logic and diplomancy (and math!). I think he's right, tournament play needs some revision. His suggested fix is not my #1 choice, but it wouldn't disuade me from a tournament either by any means. To see what the fuss is about go here:
So tomorrow is Nerd Night, and as people are still reclaiming their lives after Adepticon, tomorrow will be a 1000 point Warhammer game between my Empire and Chad's recently acquired Ogre Kingdoms army. I've only played a couple of games in the current edition and I don't think I've won a single one with my Empire, but I feel more ready for this game than any of the ones I had in the Fall. I'll let you know how it goes.

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