Thursday, April 24, 2008

People Love City Terrain!

City Terrain won resoundingly in the poll. I should work on City Terrain next. Unless people in my gaming group voted twice by going to other computers, the numbers show that more than the people I roll with want more City Terrain. Though I have nothing brand new to show my gaming group, I'm going to show off some old stuff and I'll complete some new stuff next week.

First up is a piece entirely composed of GW's city terrain plastic sections. I probably won't use these straight out of the box for much. I prefer to make the buildings more unique by combining them with other scratch build sections.

Anyway, this piece was recently updated from its Codex Grey on Chaos Black roots to include some Bleached Bone drybrushing on the skulls, Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal drybrushing on the chains and exhaust vents, some Dark Angels Green washing on a variety of details, Scorched Brown washing over the skulls, and finally a Bubonic Brown drybrush on the top floor and a Bleached Bone drybrush on the ground floor.

You will also notice the base has sidewalk lines. These, as mentioned in an article last week, were added with a linoleum block cutter.

The above is a road section that I use to add city elements to my badlands board, or to use as an airfield landing strip, or the base for parkland on my city board (more on that next week!) Once again, this is 1/8" plastic card with the cracks cut in with the linoleum block cutter.

It is mutually agreed amongst the gamers in my group that this is a pretty beautiful piece of terrain, but getting your models in and out of there is a complete bastard. At least the models have lots of flat area to stand. They just fall over when your hand hangs up on part of the terrain and you bobble the whole thing. You'll notice a variety of new and old techniques for this building. The structure is classic cut out foam core, cardstock bricks and tiling on the floors and on the chimney stack (I don't know what else to call that section), but a lot of the other details are from misc Hirst Arts molds. Finally plasticard is used for the roofing.

These foam core sections were cut at the same time and will form some sort of companion building in the coming weeks. The sad truth was that these were drawn out possibly as early as 2001? They've been sitting around for that long. The building above was drawn out at the same time and was completed in 2006. I work slower than real building contractors!

This is Ian. Every so often he'll decide that all 48lbs of pitbull need to be on my lap so he can inspect my work and chew it up if he sees fit. You can see glimpses of other works in progress in the background. More on those next week!


Scott said...

Ian, DOWN! Sorry habit.

I still would lie to see some forest. I mean who doesn't want to play on Endor?

Scott said...

Sorry... "like to see some forest."

xNickBaranx said...

I liked the first version better.

Scott says, "Chad told me in confidence that he really wants to play on an all forest table - so does Eric."

Scott says, "I heard GW are releasing a supplement entirely around forest battles and you want to get a jump on that don't you?"

RonSaikowski said...

Those are some really nice city pieces, the attention to detail, like the cracks makes all the difference. Very nice work.