Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Adepticon is Over. What's Next?

As is tradition, we all mutually agreed to skip the Nerd Night that falls directly after Adepticon. After the mad rush to complete army lists, models, and display boards followed by 3 days of frantic convention activity everyone needs some breathing room. So a couple of days have passed and now I'm looking at my painting table and my display case with ponderings of "What's Next?"

Unlike some of my compatriots, I did not finish my Adepticon army. In fact, I've never strolled into a tournament confidently with a fully painted army. I always fall short. This year, I fell so far short of my goal that not only was my Team Tournament army not finished, but I decided my 40K Championship army was so far from completion that I'd be embarrassed to take it out of the case and elected to crack out the Angels of Absolution that I have taken to every tournament I've been in since my first tournament in 1998.

Former GW staffer, Jason Buyaki asked me this past weekend, "So are those Angels finished yet?" Laughing, I said "No." The last time I talked to Jason was in 2003. Its been 5 years since our last encounter and he's been busting my balls about it since 1999 or 2000. Its so sad its comical. Its been the running joke for 10 years basically (I started painting the Angels of Absolution in 1995.)

I think this week is going to be spent completing a number of tanks that were used in my Redemptors of Golinar army this past weekend that are so far along that it would be stupid for me to hide them back away. I should be thinking ahead to the next big tournament in July as well as preparing my Orks for the upcoming Nerd Night campaign. So many projects, so little time. Maybe this blog will help keep me focused.

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