Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Kills My Progress

Summer is here and this is my first update in almost a month. What is happening in the world of Nerd Night? Are they playing? Is the campaign going on? I'm sure all 3 readers outside of our group are wondering!

First a bit about my life... I lease apartments in a high rise apartment building in downtown Chicago. Somehow I managed to convince my bosses that it was a good idea to fire and rehire me every winter. So I work for 6 months of the year and I'm off the other 6. This year, with the state of the economy, I'm having to work harder to get people to live in our expensive high rise. I'm skipping lunches, I'm coming in on my days off. Last night I was standing around after hours, already changed into my civilian garb (cut off camo shorts, studded belt, sneakers, and a Carcass t-shirt), and one of our best locators/realitors was standing outside with a client hoping to see a couple apartments. Years previous I would have ignored them, but this year I said, "I hope you don't mind I'm in a Carcass t-shirt" and we were off to look at apartments. Needless to say, finding time for hobby activity has been slim. I get home, walk the dogs, and crash - every night. Except Nerd Night of course!

My painting has suffered. My blog has suffered. But the campaign is going fine.

The campaign consists of: The Varrian 10th Imperial Guard (Chad), Thousand Sons (Scott), Space Wolves (Matt), Amethyst Shroud Sisters of Battle (Anton), Highland Lions Space Marines (Eric), Orks (Brian), and finally Waaagh Kweergit and Zaggrod (Nick).

The Space Wolves, in our 3 campaign turns, have amassed a small empire on the board, but the true menace on the planet seems to be the two Ork forces. We'll see how it all pans out.

I'll try and get more information up when I can. I want to show off the beautiful campaign map that Scott created using Mighty Empires tiles and some other stuff.

More to come!