Friday, April 10, 2009

Time to Dust the Cases!

So my frantic attempts to get my 1000 point Team Tournament army ready for Adepticon were all in vain. It was one of the poorest showings I've made the last couple years in terms of proportion of fully painted to partially painted models and there were a couple of WYSIWYG atrocities in effect as well. My apologies to my team mates and to my opponents.

Anyway, the dust has settled (literally) and Adepticon is over so it was time to put my Angels of Absolution back in the display case. Spring is in the air and cleaning is at the forefront of my mind so as I was eyeing up my display cases and noticing a layer of dust developing I decided to pull my armies out in order to clean and dust them.

I figured, while I was at it now would be a great time to take some photos and show off some of the armies you've never seen. Today I'm posting pics of my Redemptors of Golinar Imperial Guard and of my Tomb Kings of Khemri, along with a silly conversion I did back when there were vehicle design rules in 3rd Edition:
Redemptors of Golinar:

The Redemptors are based upon the Cawdor Necromunda models and the Divine Army of Lastratii - an army that pushes the Imperial Creed to such limits that no Imperial citizen can live up to their standards of faith and purity. Left to right are a Culexus Assassin, Brother Khalinar (Priest) - notice the head swap with a Cawdor Gang Leader model, and the Servo-Orator - made from Epic Sentinel Legs, 2 different backpacks, and assortment of bitz, plastic, etc. The skulls, stakes, and placards on the bases are themed from the 2nd Edition Sisters of Battle Codex cover art.
You'll notice the Sergeant has Cawdor legs with a plastic Cadian chest, topped off with the head from a Cawdor Heavy. Once I started re-using the same Cawdor models over and over again it became necessary to try and vary the squads up a bit with more elaborate conversions. The Heavy Bolter model is a Necromunda Ash Wastes Nomad.
Each of my 40K armies now has a matching crater to be placed when a vehicle explodes.
All told, this isn't exactly a legal army but if I put in a few hours could probably finish up one of my other squads that is started and get it into the case. This was the first year that this force did not take part in the Team Tournament at Adepticon out of the 3 or 4 years I've gone.
VDR - Scout Titan/Adeptus Mechanicus Construct:
This model is pretty silly though I love how the headlights came out. Back when I worked for GW this model took part in a few mega-battles and it always drew so much fire that it would last on the table for no more than a turn and a half. One day I might trick it out a little more. It did get used in my one and only Apocalypse game so far.

Tomb Kings of Khemri:
The Undead were my first army back in 1994 or 1995. Back then "wet" and "dry" Undead elements were all part of one army book. When GW chose to split them into 2 armies I decided that my army of mostly Skeletons, Chariots, and Skull Catapults would get re-based for the desert wastes and my Vampire Counts would be put aside for a later date. I've fielded this army only 1 or 2 times since I moved to Chicago since none of my friends really play Fantasy. There are a whole lot more models in this army that are sitting in hard cases because they are too inferior to display. One day I'd like to sit down and flesh it out to 2000 points. Since its all dry brushed I could probably do it in a night or two.
So that's the 1st display case. In a couple of days I'll post pics from the 2nd display case which includes my Angels of Absolution and my Orks.


sovietspace said...

I can't believe nobody else has commented on these armies! I love the Cawdor guardsmen, there are some really interesting converison in there.

I will agree that the Scout Titan looks a little silly. But this is 40k, its kinda the point!

xNickBaranx said...

Thanks for commenting on this older posting, haha. I thought the Redemptors were going to get no love!