Friday, April 3, 2009

Panic Journal 3

Okay, so yesterday I got in like 20 minutes of painting due to a 5 hour dentist appointment, one of my team mates arriving into town, and going to a punk show. Pretty much my whole day got wiped out. Here are some pics of the point I had reached at the end of Wednesday and where I started today:
The bike bases are done aside from needing some static grass. Consider these DONE!
This bike is almost entirely basecoated. The other two are almost fully basecoated as well. Highlights have started to be applied as well. I have to complete two sergeants with power fist. He's almost all highlighted and read for arm and backpack attachment. Those are in various states of progress as well.

Painting playlist: Murder City Devils s/t


Scott said...

Go Nick! Go Nick! Go-go-go Nick!

the other Kevin said...

On the bike, is that Bleached Bone with White highlight? Looks very smooth. Very nice work!

xNickBaranx said...

Thanks Scott! I feel like I'm about to cross the finish line and you're cheering me on. Except I open my eyes and realize I have miles to go and I'm limping.

Other Kevin, Thank You! Its like 5 thin coats of Bleached Bone for maximum opacity, a slightly wider highlight of Bleached Bone/White mix, and then a fine highlight of Skull White.