Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have 3 days left to prepare for Adepticon's Team Tournament and I'm totally not prepared and it's panic time. I figured I'd document my panicked preparations for all of you between working on painting (which I can only do for limited spans before I need to recharge by doing something else. I'm on one of those breaks right now.

So my Team Tournament list needs to be finalized by this evening. My intended list requires that I paint a number of models. I need to complete my Master of the Ravenwing, Predator, and my 3 man Bike Squad. I need to prepare a Razorback and paint it, and I need 2 Multi-melta Marines and 2 Power Fist wielding sergeants. As a point of reference usually one Angel of Absolution takes me about 8 hours, so this is obviously an impossible task. Here's what my painting table looks like:

The bikes right now are my primary concern. I need to finish base coating them to at least 3 colors today. In the back right corner of the 1st picture you can see a Vindicator. Most of it is not glued together at this juncture and the sides are fairly complete. I can pull the Vindicator bits off and turn it into a Razorback in seconds, so I need to start prepping the bits if I intend to roll with that plan. As you can see the Master of the Ravenwing is in the same state of base coating as the Bikes are. This isn't going to receive the same level of focus just because I don't know if this model will be the Master in the long run. It will be painted up to the minimum standard unfortunately.

A bunch of the infantry models you see behind the bikes in the first photo just had all of their arms broken off last night so that I could replace Heavy Bolters or whatever with the needed Multi-melta's and Power Fists.

Okay, that's enough for the moment. More later.


Peter said...

nasty... don't read this comment though It'll waste time... then why did i post it? AHHH!

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BT said...

I have to chuckle at this.

Need to find my own motivation

xNickBaranx said...

Brenden, its the same old story with me eh? haha.

I remember you were a big LotR fan. Have you checked out War of the Ring yet? I hear good things.

I hope all is well.