Sunday, May 11, 2008

Full Circle

In four days I will have had the blog for a full month. My opening post discussed that the reason for this blog is to help keep me focused. So far you've read about me playing both Fantasy and 40K. You've seen pictures of Imperial Guard I was working on, a bunch of scenery, a scenario generator, and read about the excitement I'm having about our upcoming Monday night campaign. The things you haven't seen, behind the scenes, were the couple of nights I spent drybrushing table sections to blend with my existing city terrain, the day I spent going to GW to buy some of their plastic scenery to prepare for an off night game of Fantasy, the 1 hour I spent working on painting my Empire army, and numerous nights clipping sprues in front of the TV that I never actually did anything with.

Considering, this is all in 30 days, the one thing this blog has certainly not helped me with, its my focus. At the very least, it did keep me on track with some city scenery since I wrote a poll about what scenery should I work on next, and I came through. Otherwise, its been a total failure when it comes to focusing me.

A couple of nights ago I dragged out a new Ork trukk I was working on diligently back in January and is at least half way complete. I did some quick highlights on a couple of areas and now I'm bored. Considering I even paint 40K infantry piecemeal, I'm going to go back to Ork boyz for a little bit. Working on an arm, a set of legs, or a torso each day allows me to at least get something done and stay a little focused when I'm only getting anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour of hobby time a night.

I'll report back on how I feel my focus is coming in another month... You know, when its 1 month away from Games Day and I'm in a panic to get an army ready, haha.


RonSaikowski said...

A blog can be adouble-edged sword. On one hand it can keep you on track with making sure you post regularly about what you're working on and completing.

On the other hand, working on the blog itself can take away from the limited hobby time most of us have and instead of painting or modeling, you're busy posting updates.

I pick one project and follow that to completion otherwise I get sidetracked to easily and find myself with lots of things half-done. And I limit the amount of time I work on my blog and make the priority actually working on my models.

Good luck.

hedgebeats said...

Do the Angels. They are your first love... and the easiest to someday complete as an army. A chapter has a limited size... by law. An IG army/legion/force can be MASSIVE.

And I love them too.

hedgebeats said...

Work on the Angels!

I love them... and they are your first love.

xNickBaranx said...

My attention span is very divided - it always has been. I've been working on my Angels of Absolution since 1995 or something stupid like that, and they are they've been to a dozen tournaments at least - always unfinished.

Tournaments have actually been one of the strongest driving forces for how far I've gotten on them. Completing more that the smallest projects in one go though... I just can't pull it off. Managable bites are my best recipe for success.