Monday, January 26, 2009

Scenery Rampage!

Sorry for vanishing for so long. My family came in for the holidays and then my band went on tour for a couple weeks, and I've been doing quite a bit with my other hugely time consuming hobby - running a record label.

Despite not posting anything new in over a month, I did find some time last week to work on some scenery. I didn't even photograph everything. There were one or 2 pieces I missed.
However, I completed a full table's worth so I'm excited. The following pieces range from an 15" tall rock formation to a barrel on a base just larger than a quarter. Here's what I've completed.
First off is a pretty much "out of the box" ruined Imperial Building:
Sticking with the out of the box theme, here are some plastic barricades as well as a Forge World barricade that I made a little longer with an extra barrel and an I-beam:
Carrying on with the industrial detritus, here are 4 pieces. One is a large oil refinery style storage container and then a pile of pipes, a discarded dozer blade, and a lone barrel. There are so many ways to make a pile of pipes, in this case they are the core tubes from a roll of dog poo bags. With two pit bulls, you can expect to see these tubes in a lot of future scenery projects! The oil tank is a CD-R canister with some I-beams, brass rod, and card stock.
The next piece is a holdover from when I worked for Games Workshop. Its a foam bunker that they shipped to us for our demo tables at some point or another and after multiple incarnations it finally was just taking up space and went home with me. It never had a base and it was painted rather poorly so I almost never used it in games. A base, a little extra dry brushing, some random inking, and some highlights on the view ports and I think it looks great now.
Okay, so now lets finish off with some completely scratch built stuff. First off are a series of rock formations. They didn't drybrush up the best, but the one is truly massive at 15" tall and they add some height to my desert board. Once I have a Stompa or assemble that Baneblade I'm sitting on, they'll have something to hide behind.
Finally, I'm going to end with my alien desert "forest". These strange thicket trees look suitable for the desert, look good in groups, and are made by making pink foam stumps and hot gluing broom bristles into them. Expect to see more stands of these in the future as I made a bunch more that are unpainted. You'll notice that some of the thicket trees are on separate bases for varied density. Oh, and this piece is for Brian who always wanted to take the 4 individual thicket trees I had made and group them together to make a forest! Never again Brian. You have your forest!


Anonymous said...

Now that is an awesome little collection there! Makes me want to get on with some scenery making myself

Scott said...

Nice stuff, Nick. Now your cowardly Angels have something to hide behind.

BT said...

Nicely done, Nick!

ThirdxParty said...

Thanks yall!

Kevin said...

Very nice bit of work. Thanks for posting the little stuff too. It helps to remind, not all terrain pieces have to be big.

oni said...

Very nice indeed. Good looking scenery always makes gmaes better, I think.