Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Blog - New Terrain!

The future of Redemptors of Golinar is slightly up in the air at the moment. Scott Kroll from Citizen Nick Hobby Center, myself, a number of guys from our Monday night gaming group in Chicago (affectionately referred to as Nerd Night), and a random collection of guys who I worked with when I managed the Games Workshop Walden Galleria location in Buffalo, NY in the early 2000's have roughly banded together to produce hobby content on a new blog titled 2nd City Warzone. I actually just posted a step by step article relating to the city block project I had started rambling about here. Anyway, while we get our content up and running over at the other blog you probably won't see updates here as often, so go check out 2nd City Warzone and become a follower. The idea being that by all of us banding together the blog will be more of a regularly updated site with a wealth of hobby content. Going forward I'd like to have my step by step articles over there and just throw up pics of random works in progress here where I don't need to really explain the content. Redemptors will be more of a basic "show and tell" blog, and my contributions to 2nd City Warzone will be more "how to". That's the plan in my head today anyway. Thanks for reading and go check out that other blog!



James said...

Good to hear. I still check this blog every so often though. Your Angels of Absolution are still a model for every other army out there.

xNickBaranx said...

Thank you so much for the kind words!

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