Friday, August 29, 2008

Angels of Absolution Promotions and Demotions.

Last post I mentioned buying a second DETOLF glass display case from Ikea and how I'm using it as a source of inspiration. Though I don't have any pictures today, I did want to say that the last couple of cool days I actually spent some time going through my broken Angels of Absolution and making repairs so that I could get them into the display case.

While I was at it I felt it was time for Promotions and Demotions! You see, I've been collecting my Angels of Absolution for 14 years. I have full tactical markings on all of my finished models representing squads from 2 different companies and, of course, I have a ton of unfinished models earmarked for specific squads. Additionally, some of my earliest Angels of Absolution were models from the 2nd Edition 40K box set, and quite frankly are so static and ugly, I relegated them to the hard shell figure case long ago. However, with the advent of Apocalypse (which I still haven't played!) no model need be retired.

All of this said, I went through all of those old static marines that I had finished and I changed their knee pads from 5th Company to 6th Company so that the old marines operate from the Reserve Company where, in my head, they belong. I then had a number of beautiful newer marines that had 6th company markings that I promoted by changing their knee pads and squad number. While I'm at it I finishing some of the lingering models and getting them into the case as well. I'm actually very excited.

And while everyone is crying a river over the new C:SM, I'm getting stoked about Drop Pods and Black Reach. You can't please any of these people it seems. Oh well.

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lovecraft-lover said...

Hi, I'm about to begin collecting Angels of Absolution army. Can you give me a bit of advice on painting it? Maybe share some pics of your guys?