Monday, March 1, 2010

EBay My Problems Away...

Money is tight and sacrifices have to be made. Here is the first batch of 40K scenery I put on Ebay. I have two 4'x6' tables worth of desert scenery and anything that isn't Forgeworld is going. More items go up tomorrow, along with a bunch of gaming books, etc.

Here's the Ebay ink:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Painting Table 2/25/2010

So in the last week I've done quite a bit of painting, but not a whole lot of completion. You'll notice the Hidden Set Up Counter is no longer in the picture. That's because it's done and waiting to be photographed when I complete a few other models. The armless robed marine from last week only needs some static grass and he's technically done. However, I don't like how his arms fit so I wouldn't be surprised if they get pulled, thrown on another model, and he gets replacement arms. He's well painted but kind of underwhelming for a sergeant. A little bit of work has been done on several of the models from last week but nothing else is close to completion. My goal though is to have 3 or 4 models completed by mid next week including this sergeant and the Hidden Set-Up Counter I mentioned being done. We'll see how that goes.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Painting Table 2/19/2010

Any of these things could be the next thing completed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Resurrection

So after letting this blog sit dormant for a year as a result of 2ndCityWarzone, I kind of want to bring this back. Not that 2ndCityWarzone is brimming with content, but I just want to document my random project log stuff here, and do more "finished product" and actual articles there.

So here are some quick shots of the Scout legs I've been working on. I've mentioned in the past that I like to paint my models piecemeal when I can. To me, painting a set of legs is a rewarding project in and of itself. I sat down a month ago, after finally deciding the look I wanted for my Angels of Absolution Scouts, and I modeled tabards onto 8 sets of Scout legs. Here are shots of the putty rolled out thin and trimmed into the shapes I wanted, then pics of the modeled legs, and finally the completed test model.
Anyone who has followed my blog entries (all two of you) will recognize that you probably won't see these models completed for another 5 years. But this is one of the many projects I've been working on. Maybe the Great Painting Race, mentioned on 2ndCityWarzone, will move these along a lot faster. Here's hoping!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Blog - New Terrain!

The future of Redemptors of Golinar is slightly up in the air at the moment. Scott Kroll from Citizen Nick Hobby Center, myself, a number of guys from our Monday night gaming group in Chicago (affectionately referred to as Nerd Night), and a random collection of guys who I worked with when I managed the Games Workshop Walden Galleria location in Buffalo, NY in the early 2000's have roughly banded together to produce hobby content on a new blog titled 2nd City Warzone. I actually just posted a step by step article relating to the city block project I had started rambling about here. Anyway, while we get our content up and running over at the other blog you probably won't see updates here as often, so go check out 2nd City Warzone and become a follower. The idea being that by all of us banding together the blog will be more of a regularly updated site with a wealth of hobby content. Going forward I'd like to have my step by step articles over there and just throw up pics of random works in progress here where I don't need to really explain the content. Redemptors will be more of a basic "show and tell" blog, and my contributions to 2nd City Warzone will be more "how to". That's the plan in my head today anyway. Thanks for reading and go check out that other blog!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Did you hear that?"

"Yeah, I heard that."

"Sir, I think I see movement amongst those rock spires."

"Oh feth."

"Orks are amassing at the city border. Do you copy? DO YOU COPY?"

"Copy! We are mobilizing behind your position. We will make our stand along the In the Emperor's Service Pedestrian Bridge."
"Spread out along the full length of the bridge Varrian's. Shortly a wave of green will be crashing beneath us."

This past Monday I was off from work and used the extra moments before Nerd Night to piece together a themed table representing the edge of a city and the industrial work area just within its borders. I get carried away with trying to compose shots that involve fully painted models in dramatic action so I totally failed to get an overview shot of the board we played on. My apologies for not capturing that essential bit.

I had asked who would be coming that night and what they wanted to play, so I knew that Eric would be bringing 1500 points of Crimson Fists and that Chad would be bringing 1000 points of Imperial Guard (in their final showing with the old Codex, haha.) I only have one true rival army to face off with against the Imperium, so I took 1500 points of Orks. As you can easily figure out with the math, I was down 1000 points from my enemies. To compensate I took 4 Strategic Assets from the Apocalypse book to help balance me out. Next I poured through missions in the 4th Edition 40K Rulebook and the Cities of Death book until I found a mission that seemed to work. I selected the mission BLITZ out of the 4th Edition 40K Rulebook as it worked really well with the table I had devised.
For those that don't know the BLITZ mission. A 4'x6' table is divided into thirds the long way. The Defender sets up in the middle third and I set up everything within 6" of a short board edge and then have to battle through a wall of defended terrain to get to the farthest third of the board. Its a really fun mission and I did my best. I completely forgot about or failed to use 3 of my 4 Strategic Assets and my Orks pushed heavily along the softest flank and was making slow headway. My Ork army includes 2 Warpheads and they both managed to, on the same turn, teleport with their respective squads and Deep Strike into the back third of the board forcing the Fists and the Varrians to maneuver their entire forces to deal with my forces on their flank and rear. It was a dramatic game and I made a great showing despite the odds being stacked against me. Here's some final photos:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Added a Blog

I don't have some epic blog roll on my site, but I ran across this a week ago. Dave Taylor has created some of the most inspiring heavily converted armies I've seen in the pages of WD. He no longer works for the company but he's still hammering away converting miniatures and painting armies so I see this as an essential blog to follow. Check it out here: